About the Director

Shahin Monshipour has taught Anthropology, Sociology and Economics courses at area Universities and colleges for 28 years. She is an Iranian-American who has lived in Rochester New York since 1978, and organized numerous cultural activities through various venues. She has also published articles, poems, and translations in her native language, Farsi (Persian).

About Farah Ossouli

As a girl, Farah Ossouli’s fondness for both art and literature and her desire to realize the characters and her stories in her head led her into miniature painting.

Born in Zanjan in 1953 www.iranian.com/Arts/2001/October/Present/o2.html Ossouli graduated from the college of Fine Arts at Tehran University in 1977, and studied traditional miniature painting under Mahmoud Farshchian. Within the framework of traditional miniature painting techniques, color palettes, and iconography she introduces contemporary issues and the use of modern rectangular graphic layout to enact a dialogue between ancient themes and modern concerns.

A resident of Teheran, she has frequent shows here, and occasional shows abroad.

Farah has graciously given ICAN permission to use the images of her beautiful paintings for our banner and elsewhere on our website.

More information at www.farahossouli.com