The mission of the International Culture and Arts Network (ICAN) is to promote pluralism, intercultural awareness and communication throughout the Greater Rochester community.

We design and present cultural events that present local first and second generation immigrant talent and scholarship, to our larger community.  We also provide consulting, advising and networking services to Rochester area ethnic communities and organizations to assist them with their transition and engagement with their new homeland.

Our primary medium for cross-cultural exchange is the global language of the visual and performing arts.

ICAN assists our international communities to preserve their cultural heritage and identity by providing a stage for their culture-specific talent, and a forum for teaching the larger context from which it has developed.  The objective is to educate, inform, entertain and include the Greater Rochester public through international artistic and educational experiences.



In our view, Rochester is a well-established city with a richly diverse population that includes a large number of international intellectuals, professionals, scholars, technologists, and students from numerous parts of the world.

We have learned that through shared multi-cultural, informative and inclusive community experiences, the audience expands its knowledge of international art forms, understands the historical and cultural contexts, and develops a more pluralistic outlook.  At the same time, the performers and their communities benefit and learn from the visibility and interaction with the larger cultural group.  We capitalize on the wealth of international talent and knowledge within the Greater Rochester community: diverse experiences are provided, communication is increased, practical experience is gained, and the ties that bind us together are strengthened.




To provide consulting services to local international groups, communities, or organizations in planning their culture events and activities, learn from each other’s experiences as communities of sub-cultures in our society and develop collaborative and mutually beneficial community efforts, activities and program.



Design, host or co-sponsor scholarly and informative lectures, seminars, literary reviews and expert presentations on topics that broaden understanding of global issues, and/or widen perspectives on salient international current events and happenings around the world,   while providing opportunities for learning, dialogue, discussion  and debate.



Design and organize culture specific, as well as multicultural, entertainment events, including various national or ethnic genres of poetry, music, dance, and visual arts. They will showcase the works of art and culture produced by members of our local International communities, as well as productions by out of state artists and performers.



Develop opportunities for individuals and groups of widely diverse backgrounds to come in close contact with each other and assist them in getting involved in meaningful and collaborative event planning. The events will be organized  built around international themes and rich in cultural and artistic content. These will be larger scale and more comprehensive annual or biannual foroms which may bring a higher caliber of local national and/or international artists and scholars together in Rochester . We will focus on  creative setting and forms of publicity that will ensure highest possible level of accessibility to, active participation and inclusion of , a most diverse audience.